Twisted Nightmare

TWISTED NIGHTMARE – Sat, Oct. 10 @ 7:30p

(West Coast Premiere! Not available on DVD!)

An unclean scream dream of undiluted hysteria! Shot in 1982 and not released until a VHS run in 1987, TWISTED NIGHTMARE fearlessly/senselessly combines the base elements of every ’80s horror film into a blazing tornado. Slashers, specters, sex, vengeance, jacuzzis, weaponry, wraparound sunglasses and white cotton briefs rule the endless night as a gaggle of loathsome party turds invade an abandoned campground in a seemingly deliberate kamikaze death run. Full of ambition and free of reason, TWISTED NIGHTMARE is the ultimate crowd-pleasing study in giving the people what they want… as long as they don’t want a coherent plot. However, if they desire a non-stop barrage of homicide, hatred and supernatural payback, this movie’s the equivalent of force-feeding butter to a fat kid. TONIGHT, WE PUKE AND EXPLODE.

Dir. Paul Hunt, 1982/1987, 35mm, 84 min.

Sat, 10/10 @ 7:30p