SF2015: The Visit

THE VISIT – Thurs, Oct. 15 @ 7:30p

(w/ Author, Hypnotherapist & Lecturer Yvonne Smith!)

This screening will feature a conversation with Yvonne Smith, certified hypnotherapist, founder of the Close Encounters Research Organization (CERO), and known for her work with PTSD-affected abductees.

WHAT will happen when alien life arrives on earth? Conceptual artist Michael Madsen’s experimental documentary, The Visit—the second installment in in his “Trilogy on Mankind” (the first being Into Eternity, the 2010 documentary on the construction of the Onkalo nuclear waste storage facility in Finland)—is a stunning, immersive, and meandering answer to this question. The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, NASA personnel, retired military experts, legal experts, astrobiologists, and psychologists hesitantly perform the roles they imagine inhabiting in the event of such an encounter, testing out their questions for ETs on Madsen’s audience. This film doesn’t need the spectacle of alien life to terrify viewers; all it takes is a glimpse into the monumental uncertainties embedded in a slew of worldly bureaucracies; Madsen’s ethereal sequences find alien territory on earth itself.

Dir. Michael Madsen, 2015, Digital Presentation, 90 min.

Thurs, 10/15 @ 7:30p