Slime City

SLIME CITY – Fri, Oct. 9 @ 7:45p

(w/ cast & filmmakers in attendance!)

Learn the ancient occult secrets of flesh control with NYC’s greatest unheralded scum opera! Upright student Alex has just moved into a suspiciously affordable Brooklyn apartment, where his elderly landladies spend their evenings chugging day-glo fluid in the basement, and his metalhead neighbor has relentless sex with shrieking men. Soon, Alex is caught up in the mysterious hysteria, and begins transforming into a dripping, ripping, bandaged cannibal psychopath. This fearlessly goopy sewer train drags us down the same pulsating passageways as revered classics BASKET CASE and STREET TRASH, but was shot on 16mm by a pioneering filmmaker with an empty wallet and a skull full of impossible ideas. All of them are brought vividly to life in a protoplasmic rain of mayhem, witchery, lust, autonomous body parts and neon slime. Featuring one of the most shocking, outrageous finales of any gore film, SLIME CITY is the ultimate in hyper-advanced bleccchh!

Dir. Gregory Lamberson, 1988, 16mm, 87 min

Fri, 10/9 @ 7:45p