SF2016: Phenome-Con Amazing World Of Ghosts + Lost & Found Film Club

Phenome-Con – The Amazing World of Ghosts + Lost & Found Film Club – Thu, Oct. 13 @ 7:30p

Ouija: Origin of Evil presents a curated cabinet of curiosities, featuring phenomenal phenomenons, conspiracies, and conjurings on Cinefamily’s patio!

Is it accidental surrealism, an arthouse hoax — or both? The Amazing World of Ghosts holds a special place in our hearts as the single strangest entry in the ‘70s Phenome-con sweepstakes. Comprised out of piles of seemingly unrelated stock footage, glued together with a rambling, Joycean stream-of-consciousness voice-over, the film is a schizo treatise loosely linking the universe’s colorful rainbow of ghosts: Bigfoot ghosts, space alien ghosts, voodoo ghosts, Loch Ness ghosts, wild child ghosts, goat herder ghosts, Chilean earthquake ghosts, bicycle-riding ghosts, and more. Like a fuzzy transmission from the heart of the Fourth Dimension, drenched in raw, harsh zonked-out Moog blurps and library record funk cuts, the demented results of this enigmatic oddity make your average paranormal doc look positively — uh, normal!

Dir. Wheeler Winston Dixon, 1978, 16mm, 91 min.

Plus bonus 16mm pseudoscience shorts!

Thu, 10/13 @ 7:30p