SF2016: Mad Max: Fury Road (Black & Chrome)

Mad Max: Fury Road – Tues, Nov. 1 @ 7:30p

Black & Chrome Edition

Upon its release, George Miller claimed that the essential cut of Mad Max: Fury Road was a black and white version sans soundtrack. Despite Miller’s wishes, the studio declined to have their biggest film of the year ditch its hyper, vibrant, vivid color scheme in favor of something more reserved and minimal. The Black and Chrome edition was never released, but that didn’t stop the internet from producing such a version (which was subsequently taken down faster than I could finish this sentence). The light cobalt-tinted skies revert to blown out whites, the sepia stained dirt casts an endless trail of grey, the black sheen from the chrome machines aligned with war boys glares in the sun. This in essence creates a monochrome, loud A.F. duality mirroring an actual apocalypse rather than a 2 hour-long Mountain Dew commercial. This is the first time the “Black and Chrome” version will be shown in a theater before its release. Don’t wait, you are awaited in Valhalla.

Dir. George Miller, 2015, Digital Presentation, 120 min.

Tues, 11/1 @ 7:30p