SF2015: Cooties

COOTIES – Thurs, Sept. 3 @ 7:30p

(Opening Night – Free Sneak Peek L.A. Premiere!)

Clint (Elijah Wood) plays a failed writer that has to move back in with Mom so he can take a teaching gig. Naturally, there’s an upside to the move, as Clint now gets to work with his high school crush Lucy (Alison Pill). Alas, Lucy is dating some dumb redneck named Wade (Rainn Wilson absolutely killing it). More importantly, a virus spreads through the town via chicken and turns all the kiddies into flesh eating monsters!

Cooties is a welcome return (but certainly not pastiche) to the films of the 1980s when it was okay to maim and maybe even kill a kid in a horror flick. It hits that rare jackpot when the entire cast seems to be having an absolute blast, the writing is on point, the gore is solid, the story is just goofy enough to keep the audience primed for maximum laughs at all times, it’s not studio-oppressed and there is genuine tension peppered throughout.

“At its most exhilarating, it feels like a blend of Who Can Kill A Child? and Return of the Living Dead, an excellent blend of fast-paced hilarity and madness.” – Michele Galgana, Twitch

Dir. Jonathan Milott & Cary Murnion, 2014, DCP, 88 min.

Thurs, 9/3 @ 7:30p