Night Feeder

NIGHT FEEDER – Presented by Bleeding Skull! Video – Sat, Oct. 10 @ 7:30p

(L.A. Premiere! Never available on U.S. VHS or DVD! Producer Jody Gillerman in attendance!)

A hateful and massively enjoyable shot-on-video darkwave horror blast from the leather-clad armpits of the Bay Area. This gore-scarred, creature-fueled whodunnit culminates in one of the most rewarding slasher reveals in camcorder history, but the journey is every bit as powerful. Especially when the singer of coal-hearted gothpunk combo The Nuns stares directly into the camera and croons: “You SLIT your WRISTS. You fuckin’ BITCH.” A staggering celebration of drugs, fear and new wave rage, Night Feeder was completed at the tail end of San Francisco’s robust post-punk era and was only ever released on PAL-format VHS in Poland. Featuring effects that rival Hollywood’s best gore-monsterwork, it’s a nasal, vicious battle cry and one of the best homemade horror films you’ll ever see, hands down.

Dir. Jim Whiteaker, 1988, Video from 1″ masters, 86 min

Sat, 10/10 @ 7:30p