Massacre Video presents HACK-O-LANTERN – Fri, Oct. 9 @ 7:45p

(w/ cast & filmmakers in attendance!)

THE UNSUNG APEX OF HEAVY METAL HORROR! Young Tommy is visited by his grandfather (Hy Pyke), a devil-worshipping pumpkin salesman who hands him a mystical amulet. Fifteen years later, the boy has grown into a rock-obsessed junior hellmaster, still under the thumb of his oppressive, occult grandpap. Tommy’s misanthropic individuality is illustrated by a distaste for shirts, a pickled fetus shrine, and Dio-flavored voodoo hallucinations. Tommy’s all-out war with his family, the townspeople and himself will reach a crescendo when innocents are doomed to Hell-flavored slaughter on Halloween night! Like the best movies of its era, HACK-O-LANTERN is a triumph of limited means. The gore is powerfully presented, the production quality is inexplicably strong and a few of the performances are worthy of some kind of major award; especially from lead Gregory Scott Cummins and camera-lovin’ superham Hy Pyke. The latter was a brilliant, screen-chewing spazz who unleashed similar gumption via small roles in frugal features like SLITHIS and LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL. As the satanic, incest-obsessed Gramps, Pyke is given his first starring role and takes it to an illogical zenith, completing an ideal explosion of ’80s SatanoRage!

Dir. Jag Mundhra, 1988, 35mm, 87 min

Fri, 10/9 @ 7:45p