SF2015: Deathgasm

DEATHGASM – Thurs, Oct. 1 @ 10:15pm

(w/ Cast & Crew in person!)

In this pitch perfect heavy metal horror celebration, a crew of friends decide to start a metal band and unwittingly release Hell on earth! As it becomes evident that the protagonists must learn to defeat evil and more importantly, protect metal, an oddly sweet tale of friendship and flirtation unfolds on the same screen as some of the most orgiastic gore (including some moments of creative dildo usage) that’s graced the silver screen in quite some time.

Deathgasm is an unapologetic celebration of metal heads, Satan, gratuitous gore fueled by refreshing practical effects & crass, scrappy dialogue less concerned with plot than keeping up the break neck pace of the debauchery proudly on display.

Dir. Jason Lei Howden, 2015, DCP, 90 min.

Thurs, 10/1 @ 10:15p