SF2015: Aaaaaaaah!

AAAAAAAAH! – Thurs, Oct. 22 @ 10:45p

(LA Premiere!)

Steve Oram (Sightseers), makes his directorial debut with this anarchic, absurd, hysterical, limb-rippingly-violent and at times, oddly touching film set in a world where human beings remain assuredly ape – communicating with only grunts, growls and howls.

What begins as a simple tale of tribal rivalry, ultimately becomes a deadly showdown between two battling primal sects, both vehemently determined to protect their tight-knit communities. A veritable who’s who of UK television (including Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt of Mighty Boosh fame), without an iota of hyperbole, we can virtually guarantee you haven’t seen anything like Aaaaaaaah! since the long lost days of Themroc.

Dir. Steve Oram, 2015, 79 min.

Thurs, 10/22 @ 10:45p